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Missouri Ozarks mom, mover of earth, photographer, maker and plant enthusiast



I’ve been a member of the Arbor Day Foundation for several years. Mostly because they guilt me into a donation every year and keep signing me up for membership afterward. I have picked up a few good bare-root stock trees there. If you have a 2 acre yard like we have and you’re tired of mowing it, I suggest you sign up with them for an account. Landscaping is the key to avoiding mowing. 😉


Missouri Department of Conservation is partnered with George O. White State Forest Nursery and is a freaking AWESOME place to get lots of trees for very little $ if you want to start a small forest. Or if you want an orchard, or a park, or just a lot of trees for whatever the reason. They have everything from ornamentals trees to black berry bushes to walnut trees. Some of the more popular stuff sells out fast, so order early in the season to ensure you get what you want. If you’re here in Missouri (where I am), the bare-root stock is bigger and has a better survival rate than some of the bare root trees from Arbor Day Foundation.
Everything they sell is also native or well adapted to Missouri soil types and weather.

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