Belle of Dirt’s stuff is currently available on several different online spaces and by appointment only. I am working on inventory for trade shows and maybe a little shop space in the future.

If you’re looking for my art to purchase, or one of the salves, lotions, candles, etc. that I’ve crafted, follow the links below.

Dirt on Cordes Farms

Cordes Farms on Etsy is where I currently partner to sell most of my tangible art and products. Here you’ll find herbals, hand painted items, salves, lotions, lip balms- whatever I’m inspired to make that week or whatever I’m growing in my garden. It’s an Etsy shop, you can visit here: CORDES FARMS LLC

Belle of Dirt on Etsy

I’m currently using Dirt’s Etsy shop to make my photography available for purchase. It works like this: You pick out the picture you want to download. After your purchase, Etsy takes you to a link where I have multiple high resolution files in different file ratios. You download your art and print it out on your own printer, take it to a local print shop (like Walgreens or Staples) or use an online print shop (like Vistaprint) and have it printed, then shipped directly to your home. Dirt’s Etsy shop can be found here: BELLE OF DIRT ON ETSY

Belle of Dirt on Fine Art America

Many of my better photos are available as prints on Fine Art America. On this site, you can get selected prints on canvas, high quality photo papers, as a poster, a framed print, on metal, wood, tapestries… just about any option you can think of. You can visit the Fine Art America shop here: BELLE OF DIRT FINE ART AMERICA

Belle of Dirt on Pixels

Pixels has the same photos available that are on Fine Art America, but it has a huge variety of products to put those images on, not just prints! You can get my photos on bath towels, t-shirts, bags, stationery, shower curtains, throw pillows… and of course in a variety of print styles and mediums. Cordes Farm’s Red Shed would look really freaking cool on a throw pillow, (just sayin’). 🙂
Right now, I have only photography pictures available, but in the future I may be adding some of my original acrylic art as well.
You can visit Belle of Dirt on Pixels here: BELLE OF DIRT ON PIXELS

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