I’m officially “somebody”

Logged into Pinterest the other day to share my latest post and to my surprise, I had an invitation. It was for a board of Garden Tips with 3700+ followers.
So I guess this means I’ve officially been recognized as someone that reliably plays in dirt on a routine basis and may have posts… or in this case, pins, to share about it. Kind of groovy, I thought.  🙂
Thanks again, to all of you who read this little, slowly growing blog and especially those that have given Dirt shout-outs or shared my posts.
I’d probably write it whether anyone read it or not, but a little encouragement never hurts!

A Few Changes

I’m making a few updates to Dirt for the new year, starting with a new theme. I’ll be moving some links and things around to new pages, so if you can’t find an archived article or something, bear with me just a bit. The current theme has also moved the email sign up to the very bottom of the front page, not that I have so very many followers, but if you want to sign up- it’s down there.
Hopefully it won’t take long to get all this worked out and back up and running soon. I figure the middle of winter is a great time to do a bit of rearranging on a yard and garden blog and I start to feel stagnant if I don’t shuffle things around on occasion.
I’ve added a new URL as well. So if you know me personally and want to visit the blog but can’t remember the whole “dirt” thing, just type bellecordes.com into your little address bar and it will take you straight here.
Time to go make some dinner that my kid won’t eat.