New art available!

I have two new sawblades now available on Etsy. This first, I’ve already posted about, it’s my wild turkey painting on an antique handsaw, you can see it on Etsy here:

The second is a winter snow scene of a child adding the final touches to a snowman as big as she is. The inspiration for this painting actually came from this photo, that I have available on Fine Art America:

My daughter was only about two here, she refused to wear gloves that day because she wanted to feel the snow. Look how red her little fingers are! (BTW, don’t judge. I didn’t let her get so cold it hurt her. We went in and warmed up with hot chocolate after) She loves snow, she still loves snow and doesn’t miss an opportunity to get out and play in it. She still doesn’t want to wear her gloves. 🙂

The painting that this photo inspired is available on Etsy here:

I included my pre-sketch in the Etsy photos for this one too. I don’t know about you, but I think it’s fun to get a little insight into the artist’s process and how they came up with what they made. The house in the distance in the painting is loosely based on my Great Grandma’s place in Clifton Hill, Missouri. We visited there several times when I was a kid. I can remember the inside of the house better than the outside and I didn’t have any photos of it, so it’s hard to draw from memory after not seeing it for many many years. I did get on Google Earth and looked, but unfortunately the street view wasn’t great and the satellite photos from above were new enough that the house had already been torn down in them. 😦

My daughter suggested my next one be of coyotes, so I’ll start working up a sketch for that one this evening. Please share with friends and let me know what you think!