Drought drought and oh yeah, drought.

The part of my yard that I’m not watering every other day has long since died sometime back in June. The rest has only survived because it was so well established, happened to be native weed type plants, or I watered it at least every other day. So since I’ve not been doing a lot in the yard due to the current state of no rain for MONTHS, I haven’t had much to write about in the way of projects.
Thought I would share some photos at least:

This was my 13th wedding anniversary present. I’ve wanted one of these for years! It’s already covered in blooms and smells amazing. 🙂

This little guy was hanging out on the side of our house one night. I thought to snap a picture of him then, but he had wandered off while I went in search of my camera. I discovered him visiting again while watering one evening. This time he sat still patiently under my cactus while I took several shots.

Like most everyone else in the Midwest, I’ve spent the last two months wishing for rain and watching the sky. These clouds only produced a few sprinkles, but the way the sun was shining through them was pretty, so I stopped in Camdenton and snapped this pic.

So far, Mo. DNR is predicting the current drought will remain or worsen between now and October. I’ll be working on some inside projects until then and hoping our well holds out until the rain returns!


One thought on “Drought drought and oh yeah, drought.

  1. We have gotten barely any edible vegetables from our garden. This weather and us being pretty much first time gardeners has made for some discouraging growing. You always take great pictures 🙂


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