NO…I don’t need to see a doctor. That was in reference to a certain holiday.  I know it’s considered obnoxious by some to post pictures of Valentine’s flowers – but this isn’t accompanied by sappy gushing about how sweet, wonderful and amazingly considerate my husband is. Yes, he brought me these stunning purple ombre orchids on Valentine’s Day. I also told him about all the stunning purple orchids I had seen… at Gerbes… which he had to drive right by on his way back from the doctor’s office… and purple orchids would be a GREAT Valentine’s Day gift…
I probably could have held up a sign with a picture of them and been less subtle, but why press it? He took the hint. 🙂
I just wanted to share a picture of them, since plants ARE a big part of this site and they ARE really gorgeous. And to think I used to avoid these beauties because I was convinced they are hard to grow. African violets are hard to grow. These are easier than cactus, give me spectacular blooms several times a year and look so freaking cool! Even the way the roots climb out of the pot is neat. They look as if they’ll just climb out, scamper across the desk and go for a stroll.
And now you know why I have more plants than people around me.

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