9 New Visitors!!!!

Just logged into the site to work on a new post- (YES! I finally have something to post besides lamentations of winter doldrums and too much house renovation.) – and my stats showed that I have 9 new followers of Belle of Dirt. So welcome folks and I will try not to disappoint by actually giving you something to look at this season.
I have multiple projects in the works and I’ve been taking pictures like crazy. I have this bad habit though, of starting 7-8 different things and then they become run on projects that take MUCH longer to come to fruition than they should. I REALLY need to force myself to finish one thing before I start another. My biggest problem is, I have SO MANY ideas bouncing around in my head all the time that I can’t seem to find enough time to get them all done. Then I get on Pinterest and it gets worse.
The other part is that right now I’m saving $ for something special and I can’t put a lot of $ into any project until the end of May. So I’ve had to find projects or do partial projects that i can do from recycled stuff around the house or in the woods and don’t cost anything or next to nothing. I found an 80lb bag of concrete in the shed I’d forgotten about the other day. I was over the moonWisteria and had found a use for it within a couple hours! 😉
Likely, what will happen is, I’ll work on all this stuff I’ve half-completed in May/June and you’ll all get bombarded with posts in July/August. That’s usually how it goes. Ok, enough rambling. I have a REAL post to make!

PS. This photo is the Wisteria in the fenced bit of our yard. I thought I had possibly cut off all the blooming wood last year when a storm flipped the entire thing to one side of the structure it’s growing on, and actually moved the structure itself, it was so heavy. (I’ve hit this thing with the car and it didn’t move, but the plant moved it.) We tied a tow chain to the trellis-frame and moved it back, then I cut the Wisteria back VERY severely.
For those of you that don’t know, some Wisteria don’t bloom for up to 10 years the first time, because the plant must be a certain age to flower. I was afraid I’d chopped it so much, that I wouldn’t be seeing blooms for another 8 years. But as luck would have it, I only pissed it off for one year. It did nothing last year, but is its usual gorgeous self this year and covered in many half drunk bumblebees swarming it in complete ecstasy. It’s kind of wild to sit underneath it and just listen/watch them. The buzzing is SO loud and they don’t even care that you’re there, they are so busy losing their little bee minds over the wisteria.
Also, my entire yard smells amazing, no matter what part of it I’m in.


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