I Kissed a girl and I liked it…

…the taste of her cherry chap stick…

You don’t have to be a Katy Perry fan to want better stuff to put on your lips.

I made my first batch of organic lip balm today and I don’t think I’ll ever buy the Chapstick brand stuff again. This is nourishing, it’s not overly waxy feeling and leaves my lips feeling SUPER soft and moisturized. I know, I sound like an ad. This is my first time making lip balm though and I’m really excited that it turned out as well as it did.

I only used four little ingredients: white beeswax, shea butter, food grade coconut oil and bing cherry. The flavoring isn’t as strong as I would have liked, but it smells freaking AMAZING. So I’m really happy about that. Since they didn’t really flavor strongly though, I’m going to be giving this batch away with candles I’ll be making soon. So buy a nice beeswax candle and I’ll throw in a cherry lip balm with it.

I did keep one for myself. 🙂

The next batch I’m going to try and do chocolate flavored and hopefully it tastes stronger. If these go over, I may do them in larger sizes, like little Carmex-style tubs.


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