I have to pee or I’d take a nap

It is a very cold and rainy day, I’m sitting at the stables in Rolla while the kid does her riding lesson. If I didn’t have to pee, I’d probably just take a nap.

We’ve all been binging Outlander this past couple weeks and the stenosis/arthritis/whateveritis in my neck has been giving me hell, so I haven’t been doing much art. Working on the building up front also came to a grinding halt, turns out my head is heavy and my neck does not want to support it while I look up to paint the ceiling.

So I’ve spent almost 2 weeks REALLY REALLY bored, watching reruns of American Horror story and doing random house chores while Tom goes to meetings. We are living on the edge folks.

I no longer felt like I was being stabbed in the back yesterday as long as I didn’t get too ambitious, so I started a sewing project. I will finish and post that table as soon as Outlander is over, I promise. It’s one of the few shows I watch that I will not paint through.

Pink Floyd’s Young Lust is on the radio and suddenly I’m transported back to a time when I was dancing to that in the back of someone’s pickup in the middle of a field. Music is funny like that, isn’t it? Can be the like a mental time machine… which is exactly why I normally avoid the Classic Rewind station, but Lithium was playing weird crap- probably because Morelo was on.

Hubby went and got his Covid shot today, I’m hoping he doesn’t feel so crappy this weekend that he has to skip Halloween. I didn’t even get decorations out this year, not sure why not, time just seemed to slip away and it was this weekend before I realized. Plus it’s been raining a lot, which = constant pain.

Sorry I have nothing of real artistic or yard interest to report. I told myself I’d start making an effort to get on here and AT LEAST make a post once in a while, especially since I’m spending less and less time on (anti) social media. Even if that post is just random ramblings.

We may finish Outlander this weekend if we binge diligently, maybe I’ll get back to painting by Monday night. 🙂


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