Hey Gen-X!

So I recently ran out of shampoo and had to grab what was available in the grocery store beauty isle- where I found this.

Now I haven’t used this stuff since the 90s, but I remember it well, it was new in the late 80s, early 90’s, was very popular and looked like this then.  Also it did not have that hideous M-word on the bottle ( no, I’m not referring to ‘Miracle’ or ‘Mega’)

My then roommate argued that it smelled like grape. I said no, it smells like strawberry. So 30+ years have now passed and I finally found out what this really smells like! (Thank you Google). I was at least 1/3 right; it does have strawberry scent in it. But it’s also pomegranate and musk.

So that’s why we could both tell it smelled fruity, but not exactly what sort of fruit. (BTW, roommate was 100% wrong. There is no grape.)

All this scent memory lane also got me thinking about these:

If you were a teenager in the late 80’s/90’s,  chances are you smelled like one of the above.  If you were a preppy guy who went to Camdenton in the classes of 89-92, you freaking bathed in Drakkar. The smell of that stuff is still strangling to me to this day.  I was relieved when Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin’s Obsession replaced Drakkar in popularity.

Anyway… I know all of this has absolutely nothing at all to do with crafts, painting, gardening,  etc. But sometimes you find yourself tripping down memory lane and have to share.

Speaking of memory lane- we all signed up to play World of Warcraft again last night. It was odd to log into Arygos after years and see old friends online. So Jora’s back! Or at least wandering aimlessly trying to get her bearings. Lol

Thank you for indulging my random nostalgia.


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