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Summer Pool Project

This has been one of our ongoing projects in the yard, improving year by year as we added structure and found out what worked well and what didn’t. We started with an Easy Set pool, one of those with the inflatable ring around the… Continue Reading “Summer Pool Project”


Apparently there have been major changes to the hardiness zone maps in the past 10-15 years or so. All of Missouri is now listed as Zone 6, with some areas even as high as Zone 7. You can see the changes on the… Continue Reading “Update!”

Cold Hardiness and Microclimates

A cold hardiness zone is the maximum temperature range that a plant can survive in during the winter months. North American Zones range from Zone 1 (being the coldest), below -50F in Fairbanks, Alaska and some Northwest Territories of Canada to Zone 11 (the… Continue Reading “Cold Hardiness and Microclimates”

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