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Tree Wells In Clay Soil

We’re now into that part of summer in Missouri where just stepping out of the air conditioning onto the front porch is like walking past the mouth of Hell. Ok, I may exaggerate a bit, but July and August here can be insanely HOT.… Continue Reading “Tree Wells In Clay Soil”

Coping With Clay

Several years ago I had a website called ExistentialBelle.com on which I wrote several articles related to my yard work, plant growth and landscaping ventures. The website didn’t survive due to my then cluttering it up with too many personal things. This is an… Continue Reading “Coping With Clay”

Getting Dirty

A blog that calls itself “Dirt” needs at least one post on the subject, don’t you think? So this post is about just that: dirt. Dirt/soil is the most basic and also one of the most important building blocks of your yard or garden.… Continue Reading “Getting Dirty”

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