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Burpee has their own gardening app now. (I get their newsletter since that’s where we ordered our seeds from this year- btw. In retrospect, I should have waited for the Gurney’s catalog. There was a $50 off coupon if you spent $100 with them. I spent just over that on Burpee’s site. >.<)

Anyway, here’s the bit about the app, for those of you that garden AND have smartphones. Crazy!

Free mobile Web tool from Burpee teaches you about veggies

Burpee Home Gardens introduces the Burpee Garden Coach, a free app for gardeners who like to grow what they eat. Through text messages and Web-based interaction via mobile phone, you learn how to choose, grow, maintain, harvest and eat backyard-grown veggies. To get started, simply text your zip code to 80998.

Features of the Burpee Garden Coach include:
• Text messages throughout the gardening season provide planting date tips, maintenance reminders and support to improve vegetable gardening success.
• Access to the complete Burpee Home Gardens variety lineup at your fingertips.
• The ability to record, document and rate plants in a personalized garden journal.
• Get local weather forecasts to aid in garden maintenance.
• Harvesting ideas and inspirations from garden to table.
• Find Burpee Home Gardens plants at local garden centers.

Android Users

I-Phone Users
Search “Burpee Garden Time Planner”

PS. I didn’t write this. It was a news blurb linked to Burpee’s website. Just putting that out there so they don’t come back later and nag me for credit.

One thought on “Garden Tech

  1. Since putting up a regurgitated post was sort of cheating, I’ve written a VERY LONG article on the subject of growing tomatoes. Still needs a bit of polish and some pictures, but hopefully will have it up very soon.


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