June last year. Really?


If you’re still following Dirt, then you’ve figured out by now that I’m REALLY TERRIBLE about updating stuff and it’s been almost an entire year AGAIN since I’ve made a post. I’m sorry guys, really I am. But I keep letting my brain pull me in different directions and sometimes it has the attention span a gnat. I’ve been doing lots of stuff every day, I just forget to blog about it, or haven’t really deemed it blog-worthy.

So we moved here almost two years ago. I confess I don’t really miss Lake of the Ozarks. Like AT ALL. Ok, I miss some of the people there. I miss volunteering at the school. I miss Ha Ha Tonka. I don’t miss the tourists, the traffic, the constant dead things outside my front door (animals getting run over, drunks dying in our ditch), or the constant reminders about the past around every corner. When you live in one place for 40+ years, you accumulate a lot of emotional baggage there. It’s been nice to clear all of that out and make a fresh start.

I’m STILL cleaning out buildings here. Paw Paw Max had SEVEN outbuildings on this property and every. single. one. was absolutely stuffed to the gills with… well STUFF. Some of it useful. Much of it not. So I’ve spent a lot of time in the past couple years just cleaning, sorting and burning. Not very blog-worthy.

There are also about 5 acres of JUST YARD to mow. Which is freaking amazing, but also not very blog worthy.


The orchard was down to 4 pear trees that last year had both fireblight and cedar apple rust, which is an ordeal that is VERY bloggable; but by the time I got the mess cut down, hauled and burnt I was so freaking tired it didn’t occur to me to write about any of it. Then I discovered that that both plum trees had gummosis, which is ANOTHER freaking bacterial infection- did I mention that fruit trees are a REAL pain in the ass ya’ll?- and then I had to cut them down too and burn that too…

And now Tom needs to move a trailer, so I’ll hopefully finish this in a bit…

Ok back. The garden here is a HUGE. I’m slowly converting it over from raised beds of tires to hugelkulture mounds, repairing the fence, etc. Sort of bloggable, but nothing really all THAT exciting or that I haven’t written about before.

I’m pretty good about sharing an occasional meme or original photo on Dirt’s Facebook page. It’s just that writing here takes time and energy- two things that I’ve really had throw at getting this place into shape for the past couple years, so not much blogging or writing getting done. Even all winter, I was remodeling INSIDE the house. Also a couple bloggable projects there… ok, maybe as a blogger I just fail. LOL

I’ll try and get at least a couple of my home projects on here soon. Or talk about the horn worms on the tomatoes or SOMETHING. Drop me a line on the Facebook page, if you’re really curious what I’m up to. Or hell, stop by the house. We can catch up and you can help me sort, burn or haul stuff somewhere. 😉


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