Finally! Some news-worthy news!

About Dirt anyway.
I wouldn’t recommend watching actual news to anyone right now, except very minimally, unless you want your blood pressure to skyrocket and your stress level to go through the roof. Perhaps I should be opening a dispensary instead of working in the garden. Or just suggest that everyone start a garden. It seems the entire country could seriously benefit from having their hands in the soil right now and feeling the calm serenity of green growing things.

I actually have some GOOD news.
After over 3 years here at my new location, I feel like I’m finally starting to get a handle on things and can resume activities other than cleaning out buildings, trimming overgrown trees and mowing grass. It feels like I’ve spent three years jumping from crisis to crisis, fixing this, shoring up that, patching and praying for these things to hold until I got those things addressed… it’s been a serious uphill journey folks. Also, I’m not 20 or even 30 something anymore, so I move considerably slower than I did when I started my first incarnation of DIRT. Still, I’m making progress and that means I can finally indulge in a bit of creativity again.

If you still follow DIRT on Facebook or Pinterest, you know that I haven’t been doing a lot of sharing of projects lately. And if you’ve been here in the past, you may notice I’ve recently made some major changes to the website.

I’m a crafts-nerd. Plain and simple. I like to make stuff and I’ll make all kinds of stuff out of just about anything I find available. I’ve had people call me Jack of all trades, Master of None. Which I think is a nice way of them telling me that I never did decide what I wanted to be when I grew up and I’m STILL just fluttering around doing random sh*#. Perhaps I should have just said I wanted to be a butterfly. They do just that and they like flowers too, right? 😛

So anyway, I make stuff. I sew my own clothes sometimes, I made all the blinds in our house, I’ve done a bit of costuming for cosplay, I build stuff for parade floats for 4-H, I’ve made displays for teachers while volunteering at school. I’ve built fire-pits, tree houses, concrete walkways, planting beds and frog ponds. I do a lot of remodeling in our home- I’m currently tiling the floor in our utility room, just made built in wall shelves for jar storage and I’m considering doing a stained glass project for the window. I love to take pictures of anything to do with nature or just spend time out in nature, exploring new places, paths, woods and creeks. I’ve always loved art and drawing, but I also took up painting on a few things the past several years and that’s become a consistent hobby as well. I write whenever I get a chance. I guess I did decide somewhere along the way what I was going to be… an artist.


Now that I have a little time for creative ventures again, I’d like to get some of this stuff out there to share with the rest of you. We’ve shared costumes at Ren-Fest and Halloween, shown art work on parade floats, I’ve donated some paintings, made a few hand painted clothing items for my daughter, made a few things for friends and neighbors. I’m hoping to expand my love of art to an Etsy shop soon and maybe get my photos made available on something besides just Shutterstock. So I’ve changed the Dirt site a bit to allow for all of that. The blog is still there, I’m just sharing some physical stuff too!

So that’s my news and this is the next step. Now to get it all up and running before

…I forgot I need to give the dog her medicine.

I’ll keep ya’ll posted as soon as I have my shop live. 🙂

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